The secret message of pain

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We are a society gripped by constant pain of one sort or another – and life appears to be getting more painful by the year.  In the UK alone, according to the UK government, at least a third of all households – representing some eight million of us – have one or more members suffering from moderate-to-severe persistent pain of some variety.  This is two to three times more than the number of sufferers in the 1970s.


Matters are even worse in the US.  According to the American Pain Foundation, more than 26 million Americans aged 20-64 experience frequent back pain alone.  Almost a third of all adults aged 65 or over report some variety of knee pain, and more than one-sixth report having hip pain or stiffness. Staggeringly, some 25 million cases of pain have to do with migraine, or jaw or lower facial pain such as the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).



How do you solve a problem like Maria?

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Thank you all for those lovely statements of support after I wrote that our Intention Experiment website – a website devoted to healing the world’s ills through group prayer – got hacked into and threats on me, my family, my business, even my car were put in its place.

I was fascinated to see that among those offering support that the perpetrators get caught was Maria MacLachlan. Maria and her husband Alan Henness are effectively the Nightingale Collaboration, a tiny organization that was given seed money by Sense About Science in order to spend a prodigious amount of time reporting advertisers and practitioners of alternative medicine to the UK’s The Advertising Standards Authority.


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