An Open Letter to Donald Trump

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Dear Mr. Trump,

No doubt you are pretty busy, attempting to fill the vacancies in your future cabinet. but I wanted to respond to your promise, in the Thanksgiving video last week, to ‘unite’ the country and to be a ‘President for all the people.’ 

As you no doubt know, there have been non-stop protests about your winning the presidency since you got elected – 350 around the country in the just 24 hours after your election – and plans by millions of people to demonstrate in protest of your inauguration.

These are not ‘professional protesters’ or ragtag ‘small groups,’ as your various tweets have called them, or even an inflation by the liberal media.


It’s unfairness, stupid

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I am watching the Democrats beat each other up over what happened to their sure-fire win in the presidential election. They blame FBI director James Comey for the eleventh hour email announcement about further investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails as secretary of state, which of course didn’t help. They blame it on poisonous nature of social media, or a surge in racism, or a low turn-out.

But in this most expensive campaign, this election was all about unfairness, and an unfairness ignored, even sanctioned, by many members of the Democratic party.

The soul of any successful society is turn-taking, or reciprocity – a sense of fair play. The moment individuals begin to cluster in a group larger than the nuclear family, they appear to evolve a strong, in-built sense of fairness.

Scientists have always maintained that the human drive for fairness is a moral issue, developed only in human society as a “counter dominance” strategy, to “encourage” — by which they mean “force” — cooperation.


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