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Recently the web portal ran a story about Roger Nelson and how his work is demonstrating that group consciousness has physical effects on the world during large-scale events.

In case you haven’t heard of his work, Roger, formerly of Princeton University’s PEAR project, is the architect of the Global Consciousness Project, which examines the effect of major world events on a series of random event generator (REG) machines, the modern-day electronic equivalent of a continuous coin-flipper, with a random output that ordinarily produces heads and tails each roughly 50 per cent of the time.

For his project, Dr. Nelson organized a centralized computer program, so that REGs located in 50 places around the globe could pour their continuous stream of random bits of data into one vast central hub through the Internet.


Why Father’s Day means so much to me

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My father, the bright youngest child of working-class Irish, was more an inventor than a straightforward engineer. At the end of the Second World War, he designed a revolutionary kind of heating system for all the new homes being built for returning vets. In order to fund the start-up, he found two partners willing to invest. They would handle the sales and finance, while he would focus on the designs and shop floor. In a nod to the patriotic mood of the times, the three partners christened their new firm the ‘Federal Boiler Company.’

Dad’s business rapidly took off. He and my mother had moved from Yonkers and the Bronx to the pretty suburban town of Ridgewood, New Jersey. Year after year, they enjoyed the fruits of increasing prosperity: a speedboat, a second car, a second home.


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